Near absolute emergency preparedness, response, and recovery protocols for all. Because everyone deserves to be in total control of their life.


Being Devastated by an unforeseen emergency or disaster is tragic enough – no one ever needs additional grief from insurance and disaster assistance claims that take too long to be approved. NEPTA knows this challenge very well.  This is why we included  in your MYREDFOLDER®, a totally secure online repository of the inventory of your home and other properties. 

Unlike written inventories that get outdated quickly, our online inventory is easy to update with pre-disaster prices, latest improvements or renovations, and other pertinent information. You can even upload pictures to go with whatever item you list. This portion of MYREDFOLDER® allows you to:

* Get Insurance claims approved faster;

* File for FEMA assistance claimes and receive disster assistance more quickly;

* Upload imporant documents as soft copies; and

* Upgrade your insurance so that you can cover everything you own.