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Your Property

No one knows when the next disaster will strike – but you can be prepared with the critical step of taking an inventory of your home and securing it online. Yes that’s correct “securing it online” with proprietary software that is user name and password protected. Gone are the days of writing everything down in a notebook and sticking it in a safe or safe deposit box, or saving it to a jump drive that can be lost or stolen. Much of the information can become quickly out of date, and quite frankly, in today’s hectic environment it can be very troublesome to pull this information out of a safe deposit box or file cabinet and then update it every time there is a change needed. This is why we advocate and highly suggest this information be saved and secured online. You can update it in seconds and resave it as often as you like. Your secured online home inventory is another priceless feature of your MYREDFOLDER® which can help you:

My Inventory

• Process and settle your insurance claim

• File a FEMA individual assistance claim

• Receive disaster assistance faster

• Record pre-disaster values and exterior and interior photos and keep up to date improvements stored

• Upgrade your insurance so that everything is covered and you can replace the things you own


What’s covered in your MYREDFOLDER® Inventory Section?

• Anything you have in your home, investment property, 2nd home, etc.

• Information regarding vehicles, boats, motor homes, jet skis, motor cycles etc.

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