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Posted on Thursday, June 01, 2017

Being financially prepared for a disaster is critical, UNFORTUNATELY many times it’s only thought of when it’s too late.

Don’t wait for a disaster to be financially prepared. Make sure your financial house is in order and important documents and personal information are available at a moment’s notice.


In the event of a mandatory evacuation, you should be able to rely on the following services with your financial institution to access your accounts:

  • DIRECT DEPOSIT:If you’ve set up direct deposit account, your funds should be accessible even if you have evacuated. Direct deposit eliminates the possibility of checks being lost, misplaced, or stolen.
  • E-BILL PAY:No need for stamps, envelopes, or trips to the post office during a time when transportation is restricted. You can pay all your bills in just a few minutes using e-Bill Pay with your financial institution.
  • TOUCH-TONE TELLER:If phone systems are functional, your financial institution should have a Touch-Tone Teller line. It’s a simple and convenient way to access funds.
  • ONLINE BANKING:Online Banking allows you to access and manage your money from anywhere with an internet connection. Don’t wait for a storm to sign up with your financial institution
  • DEBIT CARD:In most cases you can use your Debit Card anywhere Visa is accepted. Since local daily limits could be lowered during a disaster, be sure to have enough cash on hand.
  • CREDIT CARD: Do not deplete your cash. Emergency expenditures could be more than you anticipate.
  • MOBILE BANKING APPS: Access your accounts through your smartphone using your Mobile Banking site or Banking APP. If you don’t have your banks banking APP, download it now. Procrastination on critical preparedness steps only exacerbates a disaster related issues.

IMPORTANT PERSONAL ITEMS  (ALL Available on your MYREDFOLDER® Plan and APP coming this summer 2017!)

In preparation for emergency situations, it is a good idea to be aware of the location of the following items/information:

  • PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION: drivers license, birth certificate, Social Security card.                                                    
  • PROOF OF MARRIAGE STATUS: marriage license, child custody papers.                                                                         
  • PROOF OF MILITARY SERVICE STATUS: DD214 in most cases or other document available.                                
  • INSURANCE POLICIES: including policy number and insurance company contact information                                
  • PROPERTY RECORDS: real estate deeds and mortgage documents; rental agreements; auto/boat/RV title             
  • MEDICAL RECORDS: prescription info, insurance ID cards, physician info                                                                      
  • ESTATE PLANNING DOCUMENTS: wills, trusts, funeral instructions, power-of-attorney.                                     
  • FINANCIAL RECORDS:  first two pages of federal and state tax returns; stock and bond certificates, credit card, account numbers; contact information for financial institutions                                                                                                             
  • PET INFORMATION: medical and vaccination records; photos and ID chip numbers                                                
  • BUSINESS RECORDS: a recent backup of your accounting software                                                                                
  • PERSONAL ADDRESS BOOK:  (Available on your MYREDFOLDER® Plan and APP coming this summer 2017!)
  • BACKUPS OF IMPORTANT COMPUTER FILES:  usernames and passwords for online accounts                        
  • A LIST OF IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AND THEIR LOCATION:                                                                             
  • USE YOUR MYREDFOLDER® labeled data storage device as a back up for your important documents and have a second key to your safe deposit box with a trusted family member/friend.                                                                           
  • ALL Available on your MYREDFOLDER® Plan and APP coming this summer 2017!

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