Near absolute emergency preparedness, response, and recovery protocols for all. Because everyone deserves to be in total control of their life.

Our Values

We value the lives, welfare, and property of our communities, our fellowman, our families, and ourselves. We proactively help protect families and businesses through the use of several specially designed continuity plans, which are all titled with our trademarked name MYREDFOLDER®.   Natural and Man-made disasters are increasing drastically each year. Our intention is to protect and safeguard people and property before, during, and after a disaster with plans that cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed and can be accessed within seconds anywhere in the world.


Executive Director Comments

FIRST:     Principles - We recognize that without high principles we can't serve people effectively or long term.

SECOND: PeopleWith high integrity and principles we can focus on serving our customers unselfishly and to their benefit.

THIRD:    Product/Service - With our focus on serving people with integrity and solid principles we can develop products/services that are needed, loved, useful, and valued.

FOURTH: Protection - We will serve and protect our customer's information at all cost.