Near absolute emergency preparedness, response, and recovery protocols for all. Because everyone deserves to be in total control of their life.


The National Emergency Planning and Training Assocation (NEPTA) is an association dedicated to the systematic process of preparation and recovery in the event of a disaster, emergency, or unforeseen occurence.  With over a combined 65 years of emergency management experience to draw from, we provide consultation services and invaluable resources to individuals, families, organizations, and government agencies.  We believe disaster preparation and response starts and the individual and family level. 


NEPTA is comprised of experts who have helped develop and improve the disaster preparedness and recovery industry across the United States. All of us in the Association – from NEPTA's founders to the executive staff and continuity experts – have been in real-world situations and intimately know what tragedy is. We have encountered individuals and families who stood at the ruins of their home or business, not knowing what steps to take, who to turn to, or where to go. We at NEPTA have witnessed enough heartbreak to conclude that something must be made available to indviduals and families so they can prepare for the worst and be able to take care of their families in the face of catastrophe.


Thusly, after years of research and analysis, we have confirmed that the majority of family emergency plans are either not comprehensive enough or become obsolete within a year or two. By plans that are not comprehensive enough, we mean to say that although many plans can help a family prepare for and recover from disasters, these do not necessarily cover other major parts of that family’s life, such as expediting insurance reimbursements or immediate access to critical documents. A family that remains safe after a calamity but can’t return to work due to an inability to recover quickly, will still be in dire straits – this is why NEPTA spent over four years developing the most comprehensive continuity plan on the market today - the MYREDFOLDER®.


The MYREDFOLDER® concept was developed based on the physical red folders that Military personnel would give to their spouses when they left home to go on assignment.  It contained everything the surviving spouse would need in case they didn’t return home; this included an emergency plan in case disaster struck while they were away.  The MYREDFOLDER® Emergency Plan developed by NEPTA takes the concept to a whole new level.  Now you don’t have to worry about the folder being lost, misplaced, destroyed, or stolen. and now it includes so much more. The MYREDFOLDER® Plan, which is secured in the cloud, contains such items as:

  • The Ultimate Family Disaster Plan:   You can't put a price on this. A disaster can happen at any time including years after the plan is developed, but having access to your plan will ensure that everyone knows where to meet whether in-town or out-of-town based on the meeting locations you set PRE-DISASTER (Locked-in via Google Maps).  They simply log on to the plan via their smart phone or tablet, and view the different meeting locations and other important instructions.   
  • It comes with a MYREDFOLDER® App!  This App gives the App owner the ability to locate and track ALL family members in the event of a Disaster as well as to send “PRE-WRITTEN” messages to everyone’s phone with the press of a button. It is likely that the internet and the phone system will be overwhelmed as a disaster intensifies, this is why the APP owner immediately activates the plan at the onset of the disaster.  All members will know where to meet based on the PRE-RECORDED message/instructions that was sent to them.  
  • All Social Media User Names and Passwords so the account can be shut down in the event of an untimely death.  This is critical as it is rarely thought about until it's too late.
  •     Bank Account Numbers and Access Codes.  In the event of a lost or stolen purse or the untimely death of a loved one; quick access to the unknown account or password protected accounts is a must. 
  •     Location of Stocks, Bonds, Portfolios, Loan Paper Work, Insurance Papers, etc.  Fact: Many spouses are unaware of the location of stocks, bonds, or other investment portfolios of their mate, and therefore sometimes never gain access to these accounts after the death of their spouse. 
  •     Ability to record the purchase price and estimated replacement values of home inventory items, as well as uploading a video or pictures of the items.  Take the time to ask your insurance agent how valuable this is, and how quickly it can be used to settle a claim.
  •     Biographical information for Family Members and Pets.  Who are the Pallberears? What is your spouses complete military record?  Who do you notify in case of Death?  When did they graduate college? What is your Pets Microchip number? What is the name of your pets medication?  What special diet is your pet on?  It's all save here on your MYREDFOLDER® Plan.
  •     What about Grandma's Medicine:    During a major disaster scenario it is quite likely that an evacutation will happen very quickly and without time to plan.  Many times prescription information, or other medical information is left behind.  Your MYREDFOLDER® plan prevents this from happening as you will have immediate access to medications and/or medical conditions for family members as well as pets.  The ability to have this information readily available for the pharmacy is critical. 
  • Digital structural analysis report and post-disaster assessment forms.  Your insurance agent will love you. The structual analysis report is like an appraisal PRE-DISASTER.  The Structual analysis report allows you to record all damages in an organized fashion.  
  • Store your Passports, Drivers License, and Other ID’s.  Don't get stuck in another Country without verification of your lost or stolen documents.  NO WORRIES....its all saved in your MYREDFOLDER® Plan
  • The MYREDFOLDER® Plan and APP represent only two of our many world class products and services that our company provides.   


The MYREDFOLDER® has so much information that it is impossible to list here, but we encourage you to go to the website and check out the videos, we are absolutely certain that you will consider this an invaluable tool for you and your entire household.


Our meticulous efforts resulted in a emergecy response/recovery plan that prepares families long before a disaster happens, enables the entire family to be ready to respond, and gives them a greater chance to remain on the safe side during a disaster, as well as expedites the recovery process once it is time to restart or rebuild one's life and/or business. Additionally and importantly, we've designed our plans to never become obsolete. By integrating the internet, NEPTA ensures that updating your plan is easy, secure, and can be accessed within seconds by your entire family.


 In short, NEPTA exists to provide complete preparedness for and comprehensive recovery from disasters. Indeed, calamities can devastate lives without warning, but with NEPTA, you can provide the best care for your loved ones during what can possibly be the worst time of their lives.


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